Episode 042: On the Power of Play with Marjorie Warkentin

March 29, 2017

Join me and Marjorie Warkentin on today's Being Inspired episode on the power of PLAY. As Marjorie reminds us, there is a lot of heaviness in our world right now. Sometimes that leads us to believe that we don’t deserve to be happy. But, as she shares with us in this episode, that’s not how she sees it anymore.

When we are filled with joy and choose play and create loving relationships, we are a transformative power and can make a difference to the suffering in the world in a way we can’t if we aren’t going into that place of joy and love and play.

In this episode, we explore what play means, what it looks like, its benefits, and where you can find it or infuse it more in your life. In addition, we talk about how to confront the voice in your head that worries there isn’t enough time for play or it’s irresponsible, frivolous, and selfish.

Perhaps my favorite quote from today's show is when Marjorie says, "The more I play, the more play will find me."

Listen in and be inspired to find more play in your life.

Marjorie is a nature lover, Queen of Women's Circles, Writer and Life Coach with years of life experience and wisdom to share. She is a Playful Spirit. A book, coffee and conversation lover. A photographer, maker of yummy soups, and she loves live music, especially Jazz and the Blues. She is enlivened by connection with other women. Marjorie is a retired nurse who now uses her gifts to facilitate leadership workshops and coach those who are looking for support to move from a place of victim to creating a life that is filled with pleasure and purpose. She is a wife, mother, grandmother, friend, sister and a daughter of parents who are embracing life in their 90's. You can learn more and get in touch at: www.marjoriewarkentin.com 

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