Episode 030: On Success with Hanna Bier

November 29, 2016

Join us for an inspiring discussion on success, what it is, what it isn't, how we experience it, and so many other nuggets of wisdom on Being and presence that you won't want to miss! 

Hanna Bier is a Soulful Success Coach for brilliant, heart-centered women who are ready to build soul-aligned businesses that have a world-changing impact. She helps passionate souls overcome their insecurities and stagnation once and for all, so that they can rock the divine mission they are here to lead and live the beautiful and rich life they dream of. She is a certified Mentor-Masterclass Life Coach, an Emotional Healing Expert and a Priestess of the Divine Feminine. 

Download her free "Build Your Perfectly Soul-Aligned Business" guide to start unlocking your gifts and making money doing what you love at www.hannabier.com or email her directly at hanna@freespirited.co 

Episode 029: On Embracing Uncertainty

November 15, 2016

With so much shifting and so many unknowns surrounding us, I want to drop in and celebrate and explore the importance of “not knowing,” of uncertainty. It is from this space that transformation occurs. Not when we “have all the answers” or “know what’s coming.” We are being asked collectively to deepen into trust and faith (which is the opposite of certainty). The only way we can do that is by choosing love over fear, again and again and again. Will you join me?

Episode 028: On Freedom with Emily Cassel

November 7, 2016

Join me and the sexy + soulful Emily Cassel in today’s episode of Being Inspired Radio where we talk about freedom, finding our way, and listening to our truth! This woman is such an inspiration to me and so many others. You won’t want to miss this one!