Ep. 047: Opening the Door to Becoming Enough

July 10, 2017

In this episode, I continue reading aloud from my first book, "Becoming Enough: A Heroine's Journey to the Already Perfect Self." Here I read to you the first chapter where I explore what it looks like to live in the ordinary world of judgment, anxiety, and constant striving and how I rejected the call to listen to the voice within over and over again.

If you like what you hear, you can purchase the book on Amazon or by going to www.becomingenoughbook.com. Plus, keep tuning in as I continue to read each chapter and share them right here. 

Ep. 046: On Being Truly You with Chelsea Tracy

July 3, 2017
Join me and the venturous Chelsea Tracy of Chelsea’s Boutique, Empowering Women of Sioux Falls, and Conversation Piece explore being who you truly are. We get real about what this all means, how we find it, and the various ways we can shy away from being who we truly are. As Oscar Wilde says, “Be yourself; everyone else is already taken.” Tune in and enjoy this vulnerable, energizing, and inspiring episode!
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Ep. 045: An Introduction to Becoming Enough

June 26, 2017

Join me for a sneak peek into my book, "Becoming Enough: A Heroine's Journey to the Already Perfect Self." In this episode, I read the Preface and Introduction, offering you a bit more insight into the creation that I birthed into the world earlier this year. You can grab a copy of the book here: www.becomingenoughbook.com

Episode 044: On Being Human

June 6, 2017

Brand new episode of Being Inspired today! Tune in as I speak passionately from the heart for about 15 minutes on what it means to be human.

There have been a few themes making themselves very clear to me over the past few weeks that make their way into this episode.

I imagine this is a "Part 1" on this topic as there is PLENTY of other themes to explore on being human. So, stay tuned for more to come ...

Episode 043: On Doing the Impossible

May 22, 2017
“It always seems impossible until it’s done.” - Nelson Mandela
Ain't that the truth? In this episode (after many weeks off), I return with a solo episode exploring just this and how it is true in my life. Looking at two separate instances, I realize that there are some common themes and lessons I extracted on how the seemingly impossible is actually quite possible.
Tune in and learn more about just what I have done myself to hike more than 2,200 miles, and write and publish a book—both in under six months.
You can learn more and get a copy of my book here: www.becomingenoughbook.com 

Episode 042: On the Power of Play with Marjorie Warkentin

March 29, 2017

Join me and Marjorie Warkentin on today's Being Inspired episode on the power of PLAY. As Marjorie reminds us, there is a lot of heaviness in our world right now. Sometimes that leads us to believe that we don’t deserve to be happy. But, as she shares with us in this episode, that’s not how she sees it anymore.

When we are filled with joy and choose play and create loving relationships, we are a transformative power and can make a difference to the suffering in the world in a way we can’t if we aren’t going into that place of joy and love and play.

In this episode, we explore what play means, what it looks like, its benefits, and where you can find it or infuse it more in your life. In addition, we talk about how to confront the voice in your head that worries there isn’t enough time for play or it’s irresponsible, frivolous, and selfish.

Perhaps my favorite quote from today's show is when Marjorie says, "The more I play, the more play will find me."

Listen in and be inspired to find more play in your life.

Marjorie is a nature lover, Queen of Women's Circles, Writer and Life Coach with years of life experience and wisdom to share. She is a Playful Spirit. A book, coffee and conversation lover. A photographer, maker of yummy soups, and she loves live music, especially Jazz and the Blues. She is enlivened by connection with other women. Marjorie is a retired nurse who now uses her gifts to facilitate leadership workshops and coach those who are looking for support to move from a place of victim to creating a life that is filled with pleasure and purpose. She is a wife, mother, grandmother, friend, sister and a daughter of parents who are embracing life in their 90's. You can learn more and get in touch at: www.marjoriewarkentin.com 

Episode 041: On Joy Being an Inside Job with Cara Viana Hollenbeck

March 13, 2017

Join us for another inspiring conversation with the beautiful, grounded, soulful Cara Viana Hollenbeck. In this delicious conversation, we explore how the external world is not the crux of our joy and just how inaccurate we often see things—it’s not the external world that is robbing us from our inherent right to love and happiness. We are all entitled to joy. Cara, through wonderful stories and metaphors, talks about the importance of basking in those things that feel good and just how true it is that what we focus on gets louder. Possibly my favorite part is Cara’s reminder when it comes to choosing joy—there are always two sides of the coin to focus on.

Tune in and hear how Cara puts her joy on a pedestal and sees a silver lining everywhere.

Cara is a teacher, healer, gifted intuitive and coach. She practices playful spirituality and helps bring you back into connection with the broader essence of who you are. In her loving, humorous, and often irreverent way, she welcomes you home to the newest version of you. Cara believes in owning our superpowers. Cultivating untapped resources within your mind and body, growth becomes exponential with her guidance. Cara is a teacher to her core. Her meditation courses, women's retreats, readings, masterminds and private coaching provide you with a life-long toolbox of energy techniques that will diminish your hurdles and empower you to navigate daily life like a ninja of joy. Learn more at her website: www.caraviana.com 

Episode 040: On Perceiving the Insignificant with Sarah Moore

March 7, 2017

I'm as giddy as a spring chicken just like my guest, the incredible Sarah T. Moore of Moore Soul Sessions, to share today's episode with you. Sarah’s giddiness, excitement, and passion are palpable through the end.

In this episode, we explore feeling most alive, most in our light, in those seemingly insignificant moments; the importance of pausing and taking the time to notice those moments; whether questions—and how we ask them—are empowering or disempowering; and so much more! I didn't want to stop talking with her ...

Perhaps my favorite moment from this conversation is how the more questions we ask and the more things we pay attention to, the more we learn about ourselves and start to make more decisions with intention, which is how we learn who we are and how that leads to enlightenment. Oh, and when Sarah totally turned the table and asked me the question I ask each of my guests.

Tune in! You are promised to fall more in love with Sarah by the end just as I have.

Sarah Moore is a very passionate Life Coach who collaborates with her clients to inject more “wow” into their lives. Sarah stands for a life full of deep, meaningful connection, mostly because she knows exactly what it feels like to feel burned-out and turned-off. After finding herself in the hospital in 2012, having spent a year battling health and work issues, Sarah set out to follow her dreams of becoming a Life Coach. Moore Soul Sessions was born because, let’s face it, we all need more soul. Sarah works with mostly women, and a few special men, who are curious, open-hearted and spunky and want to understand the gap that stands in between themselves and their desires. Sarah offers Private Coaching, Women’s Retreats, and Public Speaking. To connect with Sarah, check out her Daily Soul Sessions, five days a week, on Facebook, and her soulful blog in which she shares her own life lessons as a vehicle to invoke curiosity and inspire change. Sarah is deeply in love with her husband, Preston and their little boy, Austin, and is currently writing a book about reframing how women experience pregnancy.

Get in touch and learn more at: http://www.mooresoulsessions.com/ or sarah@mooresoulsessions.com 

Episode 039: On Integrity & Being True to One’s Nature with Cristin Zegers

February 27, 2017

In today's episode, Cristin Zegers and I talk about integrity and being true to one's nature. We explore how nature can serve as an example for bringing harmony into our own lives—to be one, to be real. And what it means to be real, just like nature. We also talk about what being in integrity requires along with breaking and following rules.

My favorite part of the show might be when Cristin says that showing up in our real-ness is the best way to inspire. I invite you to tune in and be inspired by the real-ness of our conversation.

Cristin is a Change Catalyst for people who are ready to connect with their true nature and become stronger leaders in their own lives. She blends the yin and the yang by working with the inner world of mindset, beliefs, and intentions, and anchoring them in the outer world with tools such as Feng Shui and Aromatherapy. She guides women, men, and teens in connecting deeply with their values, their desires, and their mission in the world, coaching them in the creation of harmonious, fulfilling, and joy-filled lives. Learn more or get in touch with her at: www.cristinzegers.com

Episode 038: On Intertwining the Divine Feminine & Masculine with Shannon Ledford

February 18, 2017

After already recording a previous inspiring episode that we didn’t publish, Shannon and I had the pleasure to sit down together again and explore the importance of creating and sharing a sacred space for things like this to unfold. Join us for this episode as we talk more about Divine Timing (how nothing is a mistake) and the dance between the Divine Masculine & Divine Feminine (the importance of both). A lot of Divinity explored in this episode. 

Maybe my favorite thing from this entire conversation is how Shannon and I get on a roll with some inspired metaphors and analogies that might help lock down some of the concepts we discuss and explore on this episode.

Shannon is the host and creatrix of the Honor The Feminine Podcast which just celebrated their 1 year anniversary / birthday. She is blessed to share the amazing women (& men!) in her life and how they honor the feminine and stay in touch with their intuition.  Shannon wells up with emotion when she thinks about this and the beauty it has created in her life & radiates to the world. Shannon is a priestess who is finding her way in all the areas of her joyously full life. Learn more and engage with her at: www.honorthefeminine.com