Episode 040: On Perceiving the Insignificant with Sarah Moore

March 7, 2017

I'm as giddy as a spring chicken just like my guest, the incredible Sarah T. Moore of Moore Soul Sessions, to share today's episode with you. Sarah’s giddiness, excitement, and passion are palpable through the end.

In this episode, we explore feeling most alive, most in our light, in those seemingly insignificant moments; the importance of pausing and taking the time to notice those moments; whether questions—and how we ask them—are empowering or disempowering; and so much more! I didn't want to stop talking with her ...

Perhaps my favorite moment from this conversation is how the more questions we ask and the more things we pay attention to, the more we learn about ourselves and start to make more decisions with intention, which is how we learn who we are and how that leads to enlightenment. Oh, and when Sarah totally turned the table and asked me the question I ask each of my guests.

Tune in! You are promised to fall more in love with Sarah by the end just as I have.

Sarah Moore is a very passionate Life Coach who collaborates with her clients to inject more “wow” into their lives. Sarah stands for a life full of deep, meaningful connection, mostly because she knows exactly what it feels like to feel burned-out and turned-off. After finding herself in the hospital in 2012, having spent a year battling health and work issues, Sarah set out to follow her dreams of becoming a Life Coach. Moore Soul Sessions was born because, let’s face it, we all need more soul. Sarah works with mostly women, and a few special men, who are curious, open-hearted and spunky and want to understand the gap that stands in between themselves and their desires. Sarah offers Private Coaching, Women’s Retreats, and Public Speaking. To connect with Sarah, check out her Daily Soul Sessions, five days a week, on Facebook, and her soulful blog in which she shares her own life lessons as a vehicle to invoke curiosity and inspire change. Sarah is deeply in love with her husband, Preston and their little boy, Austin, and is currently writing a book about reframing how women experience pregnancy.

Get in touch and learn more at: http://www.mooresoulsessions.com/ or sarah@mooresoulsessions.com 

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