Episode 039: On Integrity & Being True to One’s Nature with Cristin Zegers

February 27, 2017

In today's episode, Cristin Zegers and I talk about integrity and being true to one's nature. We explore how nature can serve as an example for bringing harmony into our own lives—to be one, to be real. And what it means to be real, just like nature. We also talk about what being in integrity requires along with breaking and following rules.

My favorite part of the show might be when Cristin says that showing up in our real-ness is the best way to inspire. I invite you to tune in and be inspired by the real-ness of our conversation.

Cristin is a Change Catalyst for people who are ready to connect with their true nature and become stronger leaders in their own lives. She blends the yin and the yang by working with the inner world of mindset, beliefs, and intentions, and anchoring them in the outer world with tools such as Feng Shui and Aromatherapy. She guides women, men, and teens in connecting deeply with their values, their desires, and their mission in the world, coaching them in the creation of harmonious, fulfilling, and joy-filled lives. Learn more or get in touch with her at: www.cristinzegers.com

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