Episode 038: On Intertwining the Divine Feminine & Masculine with Shannon Ledford

February 18, 2017

After already recording a previous inspiring episode that we didn’t publish, Shannon and I had the pleasure to sit down together again and explore the importance of creating and sharing a sacred space for things like this to unfold. Join us for this episode as we talk more about Divine Timing (how nothing is a mistake) and the dance between the Divine Masculine & Divine Feminine (the importance of both). A lot of Divinity explored in this episode. 

Maybe my favorite thing from this entire conversation is how Shannon and I get on a roll with some inspired metaphors and analogies that might help lock down some of the concepts we discuss and explore on this episode.

Shannon is the host and creatrix of the Honor The Feminine Podcast which just celebrated their 1 year anniversary / birthday. She is blessed to share the amazing women (& men!) in her life and how they honor the feminine and stay in touch with their intuition.  Shannon wells up with emotion when she thinks about this and the beauty it has created in her life & radiates to the world. Shannon is a priestess who is finding her way in all the areas of her joyously full life. Learn more and engage with her at: www.honorthefeminine.com 

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