Episode 036: On Trusting the Path & Taking the Next Step with Libby Crow

February 6, 2017

Join me and the human sparkler from Santa Monica, Libby Crow, as we dive into trusting the path and taking the next step. In this enlivening episode, we explore not turning your “hits" into fears and worries, but rather inspired action because it is the next step for you, along with how to turn your excuses into, what Libby calls, activating your inner gangster. One of our favorite parts of this inspiring conversation is the power of being open to the signs and synchronicity of life.

Libby helps people live more elevated lives and expand into possibility. With a background in teaching in the public school setting, she now teaches entrepreneurs globally in the field of personal and business development and marketing through her online programs, retreats, and workshops. You can learn more and get in touch with her at: http://libbycrow.com/

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