Episode 032: On Clarity & Alignment with Songya Kesler

January 2, 2017

Tune in for a new inspirational episode of Being Inspired as you kick off the new year! In today’s episode, Songya Kesler and I explore two important themes, especially as we begin a new cycle: CLARITY and ALIGNMENT. We look at what it means to be human and live a meaningful existence. Songya Kesler is a Business & People Architect who consults on strategy and leadership for both businesses and individuals. She's the creator of the Life Canvas, which helps individuals establish a 1-page life strategy. Every decision Songya makes is guided by two key questions: How can I do the most good? and Where can I have the most impact? I am so grateful to start off 2017 with another inspiring conversation with such a beautiful light-worker. Check her out and learn more about the many gifts she has to offer the world at: www.songyakesler.com 

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