Episode 031: On Sacred Relationships & Spirituality with Gigi Azmy

December 6, 2016

Join Gigi Azmy and me in this inspiring and awakening episode. We explore what spirituality means, how Spirit uses our relationships, and how Spirit speaks to us. Tune in and find out if you have the courage to listen to what It has to say.

Gigi is one of my favorite Beings and a gift to the world. She is a spiritual mentor, whose gift is unlocking the next stage of spiritual progression in an individual by helping them access the truth latent within themselves. Using a combination of Shamanic practices, spiritual inquiry, Zen, Buddhism, Vedanta, Tantra, flow teachings, and inner listening, Gigi reaches one where they are. She is deeply connected to the 2 polarities within us that are calling for balance: Stillness/Consciousness/Masculine and Energy/Love/Feminine. The work therefore centers on the Stillness practices from the East mixed with our beautiful and sacred earth, heart-based intuitive knowing of indigenous ancestors. Her upcoming book, “The Hamster Wheel Before Enlightenment”, explores the many experiences we embark on to the road to enlightenment and how they are important yet not complete, always calling us back to the foundational inner Stillness of Source. Read more or contact Gigi at www.gigiazmy.com.